Welcome to our Embeddables.

The Collective Intelligence Dashboard (CIDashboard) is a place in which analytics on conversational and social dynamics can be made visible and fed back to the community for further awareness and reflection on the state and outcomes of a public debate. This site allows you to choose individual visualisations or compilations of visualisations as a custom dashboard that can be embedded as an iframe or linked to as a full page from your platform. CIDashboard uses your data passed to us in the Catalyst Interchange Format (CIF).

We currently have three types of embeddables:

Large Visualisations

Conversation Nesting
User Activity Analysis
Activity Analysis
Quick Overview
People & Issue Ring
Conversation Network
Social Network
Contribution Stream
Edgesense Social Network
Attention Map
Community Interest Network
Sub-Communities Network
Activity Bias
Rating Bias
Conversation Sunburst Network by Branch
Conversation Sunburst Network by Type
Conversation Treemap
Conversation Treemap By Type
Conversation Treemap - Top down
Conversation Treemap - Top down By Type
Contribution River
Collapsible Tree
Collapsible Tree by Posts

Mini Visualisations

User Contributions
User Viewing Activity
Participation Indicator
Viewing Activity Indicator
Contribution Activity Indicator
Word Counts